Best Tennis Sunglasses For Women 2021-2022[December] – Top 8 Picks, Unbiased Review

Tennis is the most favorite sport for women to play. It acts as the best workout to burn calories as well as boost athletic performance. There are many expensive gear ladies use to invest in. Still, mostly they forget to purchase the essential gear to protect the eye is Best tennis sunglasses for women. In summer, sunglasses are the essential tennis equipment to wear. In addition, it provides perfect clarity and comfort. Moreover, while playing tennis, women look stunning to wear it.

best sunglasses for women

Famous writer “John Will,” wrote in his blog regarding eye protection during sports that best women sunglasses must be wrap-around style and lightweight to wear. Plus, he highlights these sunglasses must be 100% UV protection to give proper eye cover during day sports like tennis. Well, many sportswomen are not sure that where to buy and to search best eye gear. So, you do not need to confuse about affordable tennis sunglasses with all safety features.  In this article, we compile the eight Best tennis sunglasses for women. That are highlighting the durability, quality, comfort, clarity, and, most crucial, affordability. The article consists of the detailed features of each eight sunglasses and a buying guide to help you choose which one is best. Moreover, we conclude with the author’s favorite sunglasses, which are most affordable and demanding. For all these details, keep pursuing this article below

8-Best Tennis Sunglasses For Women 2022

Product Name  Product Brand Key Feature Image Price
Oakley Metal Sunglasses Oakley Imported Plastic Lenses

Metal Frame

UV Protection with Coating

Oakley-women Check Price
Peak-Vision Golf Peak-Vision Non Polarized Lenses

UV Protection with Coating

12 MM Bridge
peakvision Check Price
Maui Jim Women Maui-Jim Nylon Frame and Polarized Lenses

Cat Eye Glasses Lenses

UV Protection with Coating
maui-jim-starfish Check Price
Peak-Vision AM1 Peak-Vison Dual Zone Lenses

16 MM Bridge

Plastic Frame and Non-Polarized Lenses
PK-v2 Check Price
Peak-Vision Pk1 Peak-Vison Plastic Frame

Non-Polarized Lenses

Dual Lenses with anti-Reflecting Coating

pk-v3 Check Price
Peak-vision WX1 Peak-Vision Rubber Grip of Temple

Plastic Unisex Frame

Non Coated Lenses
multi-peak Check Price
Peak-Vision CY6 Peak-Vison Aluminum Magnesium Frame

Rubberize Temple

Anti-Reflective Coating

pk1 Check Price
Oakley Unstoppable Oakley Imported From US Constructed Lense

Plastic Frame

Polarized Lenses

ey-women-1 Check Price

Our Top 3 Picks For Best Women Tennis Sunglasses 2022

Peak-Vision Non-Polarized GX5 Unisex

best sunglasses for women

Maui Jim Cat-Eye Women’s Starfish

Oakley Unstoppable Women’s Oo9191

best sunglasses for women

1.Oakley Metal Sunglasses-Best Tennis Sunglasses

best tennis sunglasses for women

These best tennis sunglasses for women are top of the line with regards to their benefits. They have a plutonic lens material contribution high-level clarity. All lenses have best UV protection, and comfort against ultraviolet radiation. Besides, the pair likewise accompanies a micro pack and sunglass case included protecting your Oakley sunglasses.

They have a Lightweight frame with a twofold nose connect style. It has pure 100% UV protection covering them. Moreover, it has the best side protection, and the Optimized fringe vision of six base lenses can bend. It additionally has no nose pads in the middle of the frame. Lenses are milder as of the excellent pilot lens shape with great eye inclusion and head wrap.

The frame is so soft and comfortable to wear, plus the performance of Three-Point Fit that holds lenses in the exact optical arrangement. It is accessible with Oakley prescription lenses in the market too.


  • The frame is more durable.
  • Frame material is solid and flexible.
  • The lens gives a clear side view and peripheral vision.
  • The design is elegant.
  • It perfectly fits on an average size face.


  • This design is for athletes only.

2.Peak-Vision Golf Best Tennis Sunglasses for women

best sunglasses for players

The splendid sunny sky and the vigorous green grass beneath are two unique lights that affect the eyes. So, PeakVision Non-Polarized GX5 Unisex sunglasses are designed for such a combination.

The GX5 gives full-fringe inclusion with large lens formation, making them the best games wrap for sports. The sunglasses are entirely comfortable and have been a delight to wear. Dual Zone lenses provide the best vision for both greens and fairways both.

Nevertheless, whereas by using these glasses, you can get protection from the glaring Sun over your head. The GX5 includes completely movable, hypo-allergenic Megol nose pads for strength and stability. The GX5 highlights rubberized temple grips to guarantee a secure grip during use.


  • The sunglasses are very reasonable price
  • These are lightweight sunglasses.
  • It provides UV protection for all UVB, UVA, and UVC rays.
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • The frame is stylish and a big hit


  • It has non-polarized lenses.

3.Maui Jim Women Best Tennis Sunglasses 2022

best sunglasses for players

Maui Jim Cat-Eye Women’s Starfish Sunglasses are scratch. Moreover, shatter-safe sunglasses give comfort when you wear these on the court/patio. Maui Pure frame technology offers an exceptionally light feel.

These best tennis sunglasses for women are more pointed towards easygoing players since they don’t have a wrap plan. Yet, the heaviness of this frame is practically un-recognizable when wearing them. Complete UV protection protects eyes and skin effectively.

Fixed extension with elastic nose cushions guarantees that sweat will not make these glasses slide. They likewise will not be bobbing around when you are running for those drop shots by the same token! Other than the excellent appearance, they aren’t precisely as fixed on the face as different matches out there.


  • It is lightweight and gives massive protection against UV radiation.
  • Excellent protection against blue light
  • These are available with interchangeable lens
  • Clear vision like HD lens
  • It has an HD polarized lens


  • These Glasses are slight costly as compare to previous edition.

4. Peak-Vision AM1 Driving Top Sunglasses for women

best sunglasses for women

AM1 Non-Polarized Driving Sunglasses created to separate from the new Aluminum Magnesium line. The AM1’s frame material gives lightweight toughness to eighteen holes or a lengthy drive. It has multiple shading alternatives range from gloss brown, gloss black to navy blue sparkle. And orange and all component spring are pivots for added adaptability.

The splendid sky versus the darker turf and territory underneath the skyline provides the best vision. The lightweight frame is coordinated with a grip elastic nose piece and temples to save these set up for the most forceful forehand.

RA filters are incorporated into the rear of the lens to combat glare from all points. The lenses offer incredible low-light optics while likewise giving an unhindered perspective on the court. The AM1 highlights non-polarized dual-zone lens technology with the clearness of crown glass. It is conveying the clearest, most sharp vision.


  • Two zones affordable Plastic lens
  • It is durable and stylish
  • It is lightweight HD sunglasses
  • It prevents eyes from UV rays and reflected or scattered light.
  • It has a plastic polarized lens


  • Do not fit on all faces

5.Peak-Vision Pk1 -Best Tennis Sunglasses For Women

best tennis sunglasses

These excellent athletic and best tennis sunglasses for women are incredible for all kinds of sports. It is including tennis, golf, cycling, and running. They have superior technology to prevent water & scratches free, so they stay looking stunning! The lenses can be traded and are solution-compatible.

The frames are lightweight yet made up of solid plastic. They fold over your eyes and face for a formed fit. They have a light, rigid frame, which is scratch-proof and shatterproof lenses. Moreover, they additionally offer 100% UV protection covering.

PK1 Non-Polarized Unisex lightweight Golf Sunglasses are the best by and large women’s sunglasses for tennis. Wearing these sunglasses makes it simpler to see the tennis ball.


  • The perfectly engineered non-polarized design is for precise vision and color contrast.
  • It provides 100% UV protection
  • It provides enhanced 3d vision and accurate peripheral vision.
  • It has strong durability against impact
  • It is affordable.


  • The fitting is not suitable for all head sizes.

6. Peak-vision WX1 -Best Sunglasses For Women Golf Sunglasses

best tennis sunglasses for players

UV beams are hazardous to our vision. They cause different diseases, including skin ailments. The lenses joined into Peak Vision sunglasses give 100% UV protection.

The company invests heavily in creating perfect frames that work to last and draw out your Peak performance. Glasses Patented Dual-Zone Lenses are intended to give the best visual display.

WX1 comes in sparkle red/white, sparkle dark/white, and sparkle blue/orange giving a wide assortment of shading choices. These are Anti-Reflective, Impact-Resistant Safety, and UV Backside Coating.

WX1 non-polarized sunglasses can use by both men and women as it is modern unisex sunglasses. The lens is grip by a trendy rimless frame to give its stylish look. The temple of glasses is the cover-up of soft rubber.


  • It uses a plastic material, so it is very lightweight.
  • The frame material is more impact-resistant.
  • The best technology reduces distortion in the vision by 20%.
  • The design is durable and clear vision.
  • The design is durable and clear vision.


  • Lenses are not as efficient as other brands like Oakley.

7. Peak-Vision CY6 Golf Sunglasses For Women

best tennis sunglasses for women

Because of mainstream demand, Non-Polarized for Unisex Golf Sunglasses is pleased to present the CY6 edition glasses. The CY6 is designed for the golf player with long hair. It is including an overhauled elastic temple piece that misses hair like conventional sunglasses. Developing from a previous cherished style, the CY5, the CY6 has been repaired with various innovative advances over its prototype.

These more modest game wraps combine with a non-polarized. Plus, rimless base dual-zone lens technology with the clearness of crown glass. It incorporates an aluminum-magnesium frame for lightweight sturdiness, completely customizable hypo-allergenic nose pads. Also, it spring pivots for added adaptability. These CY6, the best tennis sunglasses for women, conveys the most precise vision in both lighting limits.


  • Multiple designs are colors are available.
  • The design is stylish and durable.
  • These sunglasses do a great job of filtering bright sunlight.
  • Sunglasses do a great job of filtering bright sunlight.


  • The headwrap might not be the choice of every athlete.

8.Oakley Unstopable -Best Tennis Sunglasses For Women’s

oakley tennis sunglasses

Rectangle Oakley Unstoppable Women’s Oo9191 glasses are not just come in polished tones like pink and light blue. These are in a substantially rectangular frame with a rimless outside. They have a 100% UV protection covering on the lens, which is truly useful for the bright summers!

These are the lightest Oakley Sunglasses frame for women, making them a fantastic choice for sportswomen. The frame and the lens are both made of plastic, plus they are non-polarized. If you’re doubtful about wearing sunglasses due to a tubby face, these will compliment a medium face shape.

These shades are non-polarized, making them shut out light every which way!  A mutually advantageous arrangement, securing your eyes as far as possible and giving you a trendy look!


  • It has an anti-fog and water repellent coating.
  • It provides 100% UV protection
  • It is durable and stylish
  • Excellent protection against blue light


  • The price is considerably high.

Choosing the best tennis sunglasses for women – Buyer guide

Picking women’s tennis sunglasses is not as easy as it includes a lot of essential features. Below is the multiple main points that help you buying and deciding the right and best tennis sunglasses for women:

Polarized sunglasses lenses

It is significant while picking your pair of shades. It is significantly more important that your lenses are captivated. Polarized lenses guarantee that the Sun’s UV rays cannot infiltrate the lenses and harm your eyes.

Frame Size matters

The sunglass’s frame size is a fundamental element, and it relies upon the face shape. It is most satisfying that you pick shades that intently has your face size. It implies that as you have a more tiny face, choose one with more tiny frames and the other way around.

Temple size is the length changes from 120-150mm. Eye size is estimated on a level plane, beginning from the outside edge to the inside edge. The most widely recognized width size is from 40-62mm.

100% UV protection is necessary

You forget not to have the essential UV protection that you may have further in life at a young age. It’s constantly taught since childhood that you should shield yourself from the Sun and its UV rays. Having sunglasses lenses gives 100% UV protection, which is necessary. You are possibly eliminating any future dangers of harm to your eyes and skin.

Affordable price

The primary thing that we as a whole consider is the price. From our experience, fledglings can spend anyplace in between $100 to $200. The beneficial thing is there are a lot of brands available.

 In any case, never think twice about quality and yet a racquet that will not last. You can purchase a more affordable pair of glasses. And set aside cash after some time to bear the cost of the excellent quality racquet you had always wanted.

Wrap style frames

Tennis is a high effect sport, especially for women. We as a whole realize that. Therefore, it is indispensable that sunglasses frames follow a wrap style for additional resistance over the face. Having a wrap style gives a lot more noteworthy resistance. It permits you to do proper focus while playing sports. Well,  It’s regular that shades will move because of high effect, and sweat makes this almost inevitable.

Frame Material

Plastic frames with women favored glasses shades since consider lightweight and robust. Yet, there are materials that you can look over:

  • The titanium frame is durable, scratch-safe, sturdy, and very costly.
  • Glasses Shades with metal frames are consumption safe and are not difficult to fit on the face.
  • The nylon frame is impervious to the variance of temperature and very flexible.
  • Polycarbonate is a mainstream material utilized in frames, just as in the creation of glass lenses. They are less resilient, unbending, rigid, and inflexible.
  • Acetate plastic is one more kind of frame material. When contrasted with the standard plastic frame, these plastic frames are lightweight, robust, adjustable, and flexible.

Hostile to scratch as Anti-scratch glasses

With rackets and different components being available on the patio, sunglasses will probably get scratched soon. Scratches over the sunglasses will blur your eyesight vision and make things to see a lot harder on the deck. Nonetheless, hostile to scratch as Anti-scratch glasses ensure against this. And it goes long-lasting and saves money.

Different other Features for sunglasses

Photochromic sunglasses are a kind of lens that darkens or lightens, contingent upon the light level. Suppose you are playing tennis ball for a long time. In that case, this component is beneficial if there is a massive change in light conditions and climate conditions.

Polarized lenses are a kind of tennis lens with an extraordinary filter to impede light reflecting from flat surfaces, dispensing with glare or problem areas. Mirror Coatings can obstruct more noticeable light. A coating is more convenient for a full-sun climate. Anti-reflective lens coating is used on several best tennis sunglasses for women with an extra surface layer to reduce sunlight glare.

In contrast to numerous different sports, tennis is a sport that has no drawn timetable for completion. It implies that it keeps going for many few hours. All the more significantly, you must secure your eyes just as your skin when playing outdoors. Luckily, when you select fitting best sunglasses, you are protected from damaging UV beams.

Photochromic Lenses are frequently called transition lenses. They have a coating that reflects the measure of light nearby. They are helpful as you can save one bunch of glasses for very bright and typical conditions. Prescription sport Lenses are best. You will go better by visiting your optician to talk about the decisions accessible to you.

During radiant or bright days, yellow lenses are additionally the favored lens tone for tennis sunglasses. In case if you are playing tennis in a playground where the weather is sunny constantly.  Polarized shades sunglasses would, without a doubt, assist you with checking the glare from the space.

For cloudy weather, orange or golden sunglasses lenses are likewise incredibly supportive to assist you with tennis. In that case, it is ideal to utilize a non-polarized sunglasses lens. However, you can similarly use it in playing regions with low light.


To conclude that the best tennis sunglasses are the PeakVision Non-Polarized GX5 Unisex Golf Sunglasses. PeakVision GX5 Unisex glasses are one of the best pick by us. These glasses are highly durable, long-lasting use and affordable in price.

Tennis sunglasses won’t just secure your eyes. However, it will likewise give you a more clear vision while playing. Moreover, women must like to wear matching sunglasses with premium quality lenses with attractive frames. Yet, you can consider the advantages of wearing the best tennis sunglasses during a bright, cloudy, or low-light playground.

Happy tennis sunglasses shopping!