5-Best Prescription Glasses For Tennis-Reviews [December] 2021 -2022

Are tennis prescription sunglasses right for you? Do you need prescription lenses when playing tennis? It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned player or just starting– once you start wearing prescription sunglasses, it’s hard to take them off. Even if you’ve had vision issues your entire life, a few weeks on the tennis court can completely upend your normal sight status. While it’s possible to return to playing without the lenses, many players report that wearing prescription glasses for tennis makes their game look better and more optimized.

prescription glasses for tennis

Athletes who wear prescription glasses for tennis increase their chances of winning big on the court because they can navigate the court without distraction. That’s because most sports medicine specialists and athletic trainers do not make recommendations about the best fashion shades for athletes until they have evaluated a player’s medical records and determined

According to Amelia – famous tennis players, prescription sunglasses are used by athletes and vision specialists because tennis players use safety eyewear. Tennis wearing prescription glasses offers you an advantage over players with dark or crude-looking eyes. This review will help you to buy perfect prescription Sunglasses with a modern style and stunning look. For all these details, keep pursuing this article below:

Top 5 Best Prescription Glasses For Tennis 2022

Product Name  Product Brand Key Features Image Price
Wiley X Saint Prescription glasses 
Wiley Polarized Lenses

Poly Carbonate Lenses

High Velocity Protection in Cour
wiley x saint Check Price
Vimbloom Prescription Polarized Sports Glasses
Vibloom 90% of UV Penatration

Scratch Resistant

UV of 400nm

vibloom Check Price
Oakley Prescription Flak 2.0 Sunglasses
Oakley Available with Authentic Prescription Lenses

8.75 Base Lense Geometry

12 MM Bridge

oakley-flak Check Price
Oakley Radar EV Path prescription Sunglasses
Oakley Anti Slip Temple and Nosepads

Mirror Coating Plastic Frames

Non-Polarized Lenses

ev-path Check Price
SPY Optic General Prescription Wrap Sunglasses Oakley UV Protection Coating

175 mm Arms

66 MM Lense Widt
spy-optic Check Price

Our Top 2 Prescription Glasses For Tennis

Oakley EV Path prescription Sunglasses

prescription glasses for tennis

Wiley X Saint Prescription glasses 

prescription glasses for tennis

1.Wiley X Saint Prescription glasses 

prescription glasses for tennis

Assuming you need to look like Bradley Cooper then Wiley X Saint prescription lens  can be your decision. These sunglasses look astonishing, and they offer an incredible benefit over the others—flexibility as the best prescription glasses for tennis.

Wiley x glasses are so inconsistent sunglasses according to natural conditions. With 100% UV protection, ANSI rating for high effect shots, it is the best prescription glasses for players. And a prevalent field of vision that permits you to participate in exercises without being kept down by your vision, the Wiley X Saint is must-have eyewear.

The WX Saint combines the always well-known half-framed style with prescription safety lens quality and performance. You’ve generally expected from Wiley X. This style meets ANSI Z87.1 and OSHA security as well as meets the Military’s ballistic combat eye protection prerequisites. Take on a range of changing conditions and exercises with this no-trade-off performance style from Wiley X


  • Sleek style for a stunning look
  • Non-slip nose piece
  • Included carrying case and lease cord
  • 100% UVA & UVB protected glasses
  • Comfortable and anti-slip features
  • Plastic is lightweight
  • Lightweight & durable


  • Frame quality is doubtful
  • Fixed lens only

2.Vimbloom Prescription Polarized Sports Glasses

best tennis sunglasses for players

Vimbloom sports sunglasses are best for running, cycling, fishing, and tennis. Polarized sunglasses can hinder over 90% of UV entrance and successfully decrease the conveyance of light. Concerning UV of 400 nm or beneath, the conveyance can be restricted to 5% or lower.

Less openness to UV beams can shield individuals from eye infections like conjunctival macular and retinitis. These are perfect Prescription glasses for tennisfor all kinds of people. The frame of tennis sunglasses is expertly intended to accommodate your face bends, which can viably keep eyes from dramatic recreations of wind or unfamiliar matter in outside exercises.

It is considered to keep to away from any odd activities. Excellent frame configuration empowers clear lower vision field. A lightweight plan is ideal for cycling, tennis sports, running, fishing, skiing, climbing, or other open-air exercises.


  • Lightweight plastic material
  • Affordable & comfortable
  • Stylish design with rich color combinations
  • Impact-resistant frame material
  • Clear vision with Adjustable Nose pads
  • 100% best UV protection
  • Best performance prescription lens 


  • Slight costly to previous glasses

3.Oakley Prescription Flak 2.0 Sunglasses

oakley tennis sunglasses

These are the eminent Oakley Flak 2.0 cleaned white solution sunglasses. With elastic ear tips and nose pads, you have the ideal fit. Oakley keeps the plan perfect and essential with the Oakley Flak 2.0 solution sunglasses cleaned white. Exemplary half-edge configuration blended in with Oakley’s triumphant 3 points secure fit. The elastic ear pads guarantee outrageous comfort and solidness while you are dynamic.

Oakley Flak Prescription glasses for tennisare up with direct prescription lenses. There are NO additions; your solution is placed into the primary lens. So the finished result closely resembles the firsts. This new Flak 2.0 adaptation accompanies a marginally more profound lens shape and amazing side socks. These glasses provide ease as making your entire day comfortable.

With this alternative, you get the authority Oakley Flak 2.0 cleaned white solution sunglasses fitted with our Xtreme remedy lenses. These lenses are planned by the primary producer in sports bent solution lenses. As it utilizes Oakley prescription lenses to assist with planning their True Digital Lenses.


  • Best fits on an average size face
  • Anti-fog Coating
  • The elegant design prescription tennis glasses
  • Strong durability and best vision against impact
  • Lightweight HD sunglasses
  • UV protection for all UVB, UVA, & UVC rays


  • Stretches on lens fast

4.Oakley Radar EV Path prescription Sunglasses

oakley tennis sunglasses

For those of you who love the safeguard stylish, the Radar EV Path is an outstanding choice for prescription glasses for tennis. On account of Oakley’s installed Rx technology, you can get this safeguard lens in solution and partake in the advantages of its drawn-out see.

Oakley Radar is probably the best frame that has a frame with a shocking look. The benefits don’t go to the degree that the M2’s cut, yet its tricky openings all over. It may seem like Oakley controlled from their limit elegant. The Oakley Radar EV Path flaunts a solid, sway safe O Matter™ frame against slip Unobtainium® ear socks and nose pads that heighten with grip the more you sweat.

The Radar EV Path is offered with implanted remedy lenses. These Prescription glasses for tennis give a lengthy view and additional inclusion with a taller, vented lens to keep you cool. Need it in Rx? Reach one of our affirmed opticians to get more data on how your remedy will function with this inserted lens technology.


  • These are lightweight glasses for players
  • Imported quality design
  • Non-Polarized and prescription lens
  • Very affordable prescription glasses
  • 100% UVA & UVB protection and UV rays
  • Comfortable & anti-slip features


  • Frame quality is down after few uses

5.SPY Optic General Prescription Wrap Sunglasses

best tennis sunglasses for players

SPY is an offbeat, carefree group of competitors and craftsmen focused on making outstanding optical items. If you have for the enough time been itching to wear similar sunglasses as Dale Earnhardt Jr., presently is your opportunity. 100% UV400 eye protection viably filters and square glare to ensure your eyes and give ideal visual comfort.

These glasses are accessible with an ANSI Z87.1 rating, Spy Happy Lens, and Trident polarizing channel. The development is almost indestructible. Developed from basically unstoppable Grilamid, the General Sunglasses will stand up to any difficulties you toss at them. The lenses are shatter-safe, and the solid frames and pivots are made to last.

Additionally, there are Hytrel elastic temple tips and nose pads for ideal comfort. These glasses will work entirely in any event for the most extreme game necessities. It consolidates the predominant clarity of our carefully dominated High Definition lenses with the practical and visual performance advantages of our licensed Happy Lens.


  • It uses plastic lenses, so very lightweight.
  • The frame material is impact-resistant.
  • These Prescription glasses for tennis are so lightweight
  • The design is durable & a clear vision.
  • 100% UV protection


  • Small for big faces

What to look at while buying prescription glasses for tennis?

Lenses matter a lot

At the point when you’re hurling the ball noticeable all around to serve or need to admire track a high ball, sunglasses are fundamental. Effect safe lenses are the way to keeping your eyes ensured while you get the ball rolling on the court. Most games frames have polycarbonate lenses. Polycarbonate and prescription lenses are swaying safe, which helps secure against short glasses.

Solidness and strength

It is likewise significant for tennis players to discover sunglasses and sports glasses that will be solid at long last. In a perfect world, as they ought to have a shatter-safe quality. Prescription glasses for tennisare inclined to be taken here and there rapidly as the conditions change. They may even get thrown into a tennis sack. Over the long run, these games glasses will be presented to a ton of mileage.

The grip is necessary to check

Having a nose grip that keeps your glasses fixated all over is the secret mystery. The grip on the temple tips? Shockingly better. As a tennis player, you are in steady movement. Players need to ensure that the sunglasses will remain set up during play.

Frames and their styles

Notwithstanding grip, a semi-rimless plan can likewise be a colossal advantage. A few frames even accompany elastic padding along the brow and nose scaffold to give padding. Moreover, it is giving you a clear vision and inclusion from all points. Fold over inclusion is particularly helpful when your game includes following a ball from all bearings.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Here is some of the best tennis Prescription for players are as follows:

  1. Wiley X Saint Prescription glasses 
  2. Vimbloom UV400 Protection Polarized Sports glasses
  3. Oakley Prescription Oo9295 Flak 2.0 Sunglasses
  4. Oakley Radar EV Path OO9208 prescription Sunglasses

SPY Optic General Prescription Wrap Sunglasses

The Wiley X Saint is your new most loved wellbeing glasses. These adaptable glasses come in the air, clear or light rust lenses. On the off chance that you pick non-prescription lenses, you can undoubtedly trade out your lenses for each movement. These particular lenses should be made to accommodate your definite prescription. So you will not have the option to trade one bunch of lenses for another handily.

Polarized lenses for sports glasses give you additional protection contrasted with standard games eyewear. Polarized lenses decrease glare on intelligent surfaces – like water or the street. Moreover, the glasses permit anglers to see straight through the water, which is extraordinary for shallow water fishing.

You have one bunch of eyes. Thus, you ought to shield them from impacts and different risks while playing sports. Most eye wounds could be handily stayed away from by wearing appropriate protection. Besides, having the option to see is significant. In this way, have your prescription is consistently an intelligent thought.


To conclude that the prescription glasses for tennis are the SPY Optic General Prescription Wrap Sunglasses. These tennis glasses are one of the ideal prescription and budget-friendly glasses choices for you. These glasses are highly durable, have a precise prescription vision, and are budget-friendly in price.

We hope that our glasses guide for the best prescription glasses is so helpful for you. After reading our review in detail, you will get valid points to purchase prescription glasses that perfectly suit your eyes.

Happy tennis prescription glasses shopping!

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